I seek to reimagine how organizational structures, policies, and practices can create more justice-oriented and equitable experiences and outcomes for all faculty, staff, and students.

Teaching Philosophy

I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses across a range of mediums (in-person, hybrid, and completely online) with consistently strong teaching evaluations. In each pedagogical context, I center the following principles: 1) Student learning; 2) Student well-being; 3) Prior knowledge; 4) Challenging concepts. In order to center learning and not teaching, I work to ensure each individual student is able to be successful through equitable accommodations. For example, I allow students to integrate my feedback on written assignments for a rewrite and regrade to ensure they learn through the writing process rather than just get assessed. In addition, the global pandemic has made it abundantly clear that personal health and wellbeing must be prioritized. I work with individual students to ensure they can be healthy, well, and academically successful.   

Through course content, discussion, and activities I ensure students’ identities, histories, experiences, and perspectives are valued in course discussion and treated with dignity. I also ensure students are challenged with ideas, ideologies, and course material that they may not have been exposed to or agree with. I accomplish this by incorporating course materials and guest speakers that have experience in various institutional types, functional areas and that also have different identities and political ideologies. For example, I taught Introduction to Higher Education at Eastern Michigan University (Winter 2020) the class was able to have individual discussions with state senators from across the political spectrum to better understand the differences in policy decision-making. Creating a classroom (virtual or physical) environment where students feel comfortable sharing and civilly disagreeing can create the critical dissonance necessary for deeper learning outcomes.


I have had the privilege of teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level at multiple institutions including being the sole instructor on record for fully in-person, hybrid, and fully-online courses.

Course NumberCourse TitleInstruction MediumRoleInstitutionSyllabus
EDLD 613Introduction to Higher EducationHybrid
& Online
Part-Time Lecturer (Instructor on Record)Eastern Michigan UniversityLink to file
EDLD 550Introduction to Student AffairsHybridPart-Time Lecturer (Instructor on Record)Eastern Michigan UniversityLink to file
EDUC 661History of Higher EducationHybridTeaching ApprenticeUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
EDU 6258Politics of Difference8 Weeks InCo-InstructorSouthern Methodist University
EDUC 465American Higher Education: History and ProspectsIn-PersonCo-InstructorWashington University in St. Louis
EAD 315 Student Leadership TrainingIn-PersonCo-InstructorMichigan State University